Linda Tardif, the Managing Director at Shea Theater, is a formidable force in the performing arts scene, deeply intertwined with the fabric of Shakespearean theater—or as it’s affectionately coined in this context, “SHEAkespeare.” Her dedication to her craft is evident in her administrative prowess and her rich background as a performer, which spans international and national stages alike.

Her theatrical journey has led her to many stage performances, including an international tour to the JoakimInterfest in Kragujevac, Serbia, with Serious Play’s “MILOSEVIC AT THE HAGUE,” and nationally with Foodplay Productions’ “FOODPLAY” and “TOBE FIT.” In New York, her talents have been showcased in “SLEEP NO MORE-INFERNO” with Punchdrunk/Emursive, and she has been featured in productions at renowned venues like La MaMa Etc., Theater for the New City, New Georges, and Symphony Space.

Based in Montague, Tardif is a notable figure in the Western Mass theater community, regularly contributing to productions by Eggtooth Productions, Silverthorne Theater, Real Live Theatre, Pauline Productions, and PaintBox. Her role as the Shea’s Director sees her actively involved in every facet of theater operation, from the box office to technical support, ensuring the seamless execution of a diverse range of events.

Her support for the Montague Shakespeare Festival stems from a commitment to transforming the Shea Theater into a vibrant cultural hub. Hosting this event is a testament to her vision for the theater—a space that welcomes an array of artistic expressions, from internationally acclaimed artists to local community events.

Bringing a teaching and creative artist from the Royal Shakespeare Company to the Shea Theater perfectly resonates with Tardif’s vision. Enthusiastically, Linda shares, “As we welcome talents from distant lands to the Shea, we truly bring to life the idea that ‘all the world’s a stage,’ intertwining global excellence with our vibrant community spirit.”

Linda Tardif’s expertise across theater disciplines and her dedication to the art form are rare. Her ability to bridge the gap between the local community and the international stage while fostering an environment that celebrates inclusivity and artistic diversity marks her as an influential figure in performing arts in Western Massachusetts.